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10 Reasons That You Should Start Training BJJ Today

What's up, future Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts! I'm Court Shaw, owner of LEGACY 31, BJJ brown belt, and a full-time competitor. Today, I'm laying down the top 10 reasons why I think you should dive headfirst into the world of BJJ. So grab your gi and let's roll!

1. Fitness: Sculpt Your Body, One Roll at a Time

BJJ is the ultimate full-body workout. Forget the mundane treadmill routine; BJJ engages every muscle, from your biceps to your Glutes. It's a calorie-burning, sweat-drenching, and muscle-toning workout that leaves you feeling sore in muscles you don't even know you have. Strength training absolutely has its place, but it can get boring and repetitive. BJJ is a sure fire way to start your fitness goals if you're a fitness newbie, and its definitely a good way to spice up your workouts if you're a long time fitness freak.

2. Confidence: Unleash Your Inner Warrior BJJ isn't just about armbars and chokes; it's about developing a skill that could quite literally save your life. As you navigate through techniques and spar with training partners, you'll witness an unparalleled surge in self-confidence. The more you grapple, the more you realize you can handle whatever life throws at you – on or off the mats.

3. Self-Defense: Because Life's a Little Uncertain (This is a long one so buckle up!) Empower yourself with the ability to navigate through any unexpected situation life tosses your way. You absolutely don't want to be rolling around on the ground in a street fight and this is usually the go-to-argument of the lunatic keyboard warriors that want to shun the use of grappling in a street fight. My rebuttal "How often does boxing teach you how to stand up with someone sitting on your chest?". Yeah, BJJ is a grappling art, but that doesn't mean it only works from the ground. BJJ and grappling teaches you ESSENTIAL survival skills like how to stand up when trapped on the ground, how to use clinch work from standing to control and overpower larger and stronger opponents using angles and leverage, standing submissions, distance management, takedowns, and most importantly, how to retain your weapons/belongings using situational awareness and control, and how to stay on your feet when you don't want to be taken down.

No other martial arts are as well rounded and adaptive to any situation like grappling is. Remember, boxers, Muay Thai fighters, Tae Kwon Do practitioners, ETC. all wear gloves shin guards and more because punching someone in the head hurts your hand more than it hurts your opponents skull. If you throw a punch and break your hand, you CANNOT use that hand. Remember, I have many years of experience in many martial arts: BJJ, Kickboxing, I'm even a second degree black belt in TKD. The one I'm most confident in (and the one that has helped me in the real world the most) has been grappling!

4. Situational Awareness: Master the Art of Reading the Room BJJ isn't just about grappling; it's about being three moves ahead of your opponent. That translates to the real world too. Training in BJJ hones your ability to read situations, anticipate movements, and react strategically. It's like having a sixth sense – minus the supernatural vibes.

5. Body Mastery: Be the Captain of Your Ship BJJ isn't just a sport; it's an intricate display of coordination, precision, timing and physics. You'll learn to master your body's movements, balance, and coordination in a way that transcends mere athleticism. It will teach you how to make your body strong, not just physically, but also by use of body mechanics, leverage, and posture. It's a journey toward becoming the captain of your own physical ship – navigating through the complexities with finesse and control.

6. BJJ is Fun: Because, Duh! Who said getting fit had to be boring? BJJ is like a chess match with a side of high-fives. It's challenging, it's exhilarating, and it's downright fun. The camaraderie on the mats and the satisfaction of nailing a tricky technique are the kind of joys that make you excited to train every day. You will always be engaged, because if your not, you get choked!

7. BJJ is Challenging and Teaches You to Problem Solve in Real Time BJJ is the ultimate puzzle, and each roll is a chance to solve it. Whether you're escaping a tight submission or strategizing your next move, BJJ teaches you to think on your feet (literally). It's like a live-action jigsaw puzzle but its alive and wants to choke you! it will teach you how to think on the fly, adapt to your problem as it unfolds, and how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

8. A New and Interesting Social Group: Because Friends Who Roll Together, Stay Together Forget about the cliché of hitting the bar scene. BJJ introduces you to a diverse, supportive, and downright awesome community. Your training partners become more than just teammates; they become friends who share your victories, losses, and a mutual love for the art of grappling.

Everyone on the mats in our gym is there for their own reasons. Some want to be world champion fighters and competitors, and others just want to pass the time in a productive way. regardless of why they are here though, they all support each other in their goals and ambitions on and off the mats. They are quite literally my family away from family.

9. Mind-Body Harmony: Zen and the Art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ isn't just about physical prowess; it's a mental game too. It teaches you to synchronize mind and body, fostering a harmony that extends beyond the mats. As you navigate the complexities of techniques and strategies, you'll find a newfound unity between your mental and physical self.

10. It's a Legacy: Because Your Journey Matters In the world of BJJ, every journey is unique, and every practitioner is part of a legacy. Whether you aspire to be a world champion or simply want to lead a healthier lifestyle, your path in BJJ becomes a legacy – a narrative written by your dedication, victories, and the countless rolls that shape who you are.

So there you have it – 10 rock-solid reasons why you should start training BJJ today. Get ready to embark on a journey that challenges, empowers, and transforms. The mats at LEGACY 31 are waiting for you. See you on the mats!

Court Shaw

Owner, LEGACY 31

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