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Our Team.

    Our coaches and staff have one priority: To help YOU reach YOUR goals! We are very excited to meet you and your family and introduce you to the world of Combat Sports! Click the coach's name and check out their social media!


LEGACY 31 strives to provide a safe, all inclusive atmosphere for athletes, fitness freaks, martial artists and recreational students alike. Our promise is to further your performance both mentally and physically by pushing you to be the best version of yourself, on and off the mats. Whether you aspire to be a world champion or just want to live a healthy lifestyle, our facility and staff are here to help you achieve these goals. LEGACY 31 promises to provide you the best experience possible in the martial arts and combat sports world. No matter your age, size or skill level, there’s room for you, and your goals here at L31. Welcome to the FAMILY, and we will see you on the mats

L31 athletes Mack Davis and Sam Galbraith grapple at Legacy 31
Court "WARSHAW" Shaw wins his MMA debut in 28 seconds via armbar
Court Shaw Competes in Atlanta, Ga on a pro brazillian jiu jitsu card
Court "WARSHAW" Shaw stands with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Legend Craig Jones of B-Team Brazillian Jiu Jitsu
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